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The Power of Data

Why Data Matters in Action Sports

Insightful data management offers untapped opportunities to revolutionize understanding, experiences, and growth in action sports.

Data for Federations
Accurate data provides the foundation for informed decision-making, ranging from event logistics to athlete development. The establishment of credible rankings further enhances the integrity and appeal of competitions.
Data for Athletes
Reliable data contributes to the identification of performance metrics, thus shaping athlete development plans. Additionally, a data-backed profile increases the potential for sponsor engagement.
Data for Fans
Detailed data introduces a new layer of depth to the fan experience. It allows for a closer connection to athletes and a nuanced understanding of events, as well as the prediction of emerging stars and trends.
Data for Brands
Data analytics permit precise targeting and impact measurement, ensuring alignment between brand messaging and audience engagement.

Case Study

World Skate Infinity Platform

Find out how Wyldata assisted in building World Skate's federation management tool

Our Core Services

Wyldata centralizes and manages action sports data. By doing so, we enable industry stakeholders to discover new opportunities for their sports and businesses.

Database Management

We centralize, clean, and maintain your data in a secure database, creating a foundation for all your analytics needs.

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Ranking Algorithms

We create trustworthy rankings updated with the latest data, tailored to meet the needs of organizations at any scale.

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Custom Data Products

From embeddable media elements to APIs, we customize data products that enhance fan engagement and storytelling.

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Example Products

Athlete Comparison

Tools to compare athletes' career stats

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Engagement Gamification

Apps and that drive engagement during events

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Result Predictions

Data driven predictions for current events

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